June 9, 2005

Back on the Air!

I’ve been asked many times in the last day Why is thingelstad.com down?” I guess I should be happy that people actually cared when my little corner of cyberspace became unavailable for 21 hours and 26 minutes in the last couple of days. But really, it’s not like the Internet” was down or anything. :-)

We had a wild, wild storm here on Tuesday night. This was by far the worst storm I’ve been in — maybe ever. The winds were in excess of 70 mph. It’s the first storm that I felt a real need to get into a room that had no glass in it. The power went out fairly quickly and all the battery backups did their job, as long as they could at least.

Here is a visual display of the last couple of days.

Needless to say it was more than a minor inconvenience to be in the dark” for so long. And if you know me, you realize this is just another episode in the continuing saga of horrible electric service where I live (example, example. I’m very seriously considering a generator. Nothing huge, just something to keep the refrigerator, some lights and the Internet up. You know, the essentials.


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