Baby Update

We had our second ultrasound appointment yesterday. It was amazing to see how much the baby had grown in the last 8 weeks. In the first ultrasound you could see the whole baby on the screen at once, now you could only see a third at any time. It was moving around a lot and everything looked very healthy! Yeah! It’s amazing how much I worry about all of this – I’m going to be a wreck after it’s born and running around the house! :-)

We asked to find the out the gender and it looks like we’ll be having a girl! The baby wasn’t in an ideal position for the ultrasound (breached) so it was a little hard to tell, but that is what the Dr. thought. Exciting! Watching the ultrasound was pretty amazing. The last time the heart was just this moving squiggle on the screen. This time you could see each chamber of the heart independently.

Tammy had already decided that the baby’s room is going to be gender neutral. So were not ordering truckloads of girl stuff. However, we are getting ready to order truckloads of stuff. :-)

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