November 7, 2005

Baby Stuff

A couple of weeks ago Tammy, Maze and I all loaded into the minivan and headed on down to Iowa City. Our friends Dan and Melanie had just had their first baby, Henrik. And as a kicker our other friends Lisa and Eric had just bought a house and are expecting their first. It seems everyone is doing this baby thing!

It was great to see Dan and Mel and little Henrik. It was a little like stepping in a not-so-way-back machine because I had almost no real recollection of Maze being that small! I held him for a while and he felt light as a feather as he slept away happily in my arms. Wonderful little baby really.

The other thing that was funny was I realized how quickly I had become an old hat” at this whole Dad thing. In a short 4 months it seems I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with it all. It was fun to see Dan in the same space I was in when Maze was born.

Dan got a blog running right before Henrik showed up and has been commenting on the experiences. It’s a fun read. (Unfortunately, you can’t comment on it, which makes me sad.)

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