July 27, 2005

20•21 Restuarant

Tammy and I went out for our anniversary this evening to 20•21, the new restuarant in the Walker Art Center.The restuarant is an asian-fusion fare, which may seem a bit tired at this point, but they do it well. The menu was put together by famed TV chef Wolfgang Puck. The initial impression that Tammy and I both had was surprise at the size of the place. We both expected something much larger. The dining room itself is very cozy and modern in design. The next thing that hits you is the pure number of staff. There were nearly as many people working as there were eating, and the service reflects this. Our waitperson was very well versed on our options and gave good advice. The wine menu was not huge, but very complete.

The items are all served family style, for two people they suggested to order 3 items. All of the items we ordered were prepared to perfection.

The main course, a marinated iron steak on a bed of rice, was packed with flavor.

I took the opportunity to have the signature desert inspired by the cherry sculpture in the sculpture gardens. It was stunning looking and if you like chocolate, this is the desert for you.

This is definitely a good restuarant to visit for a special evening.


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