August 14, 2004

Vacation Recap

It’s a week later and we finally finished putting up everything from our trip. It takes a while to sort through over 2,200 pictures!

We were thinking of having some family over to go through some of our selected shots but decided against that in favor of putting up our photos with worthwhile captions of what you are looking at. Check out the photos! You can make us feel good for spending the time to write all those captions by clicking through the pictures individually. They are divided into pictures from the Tour de France, shots in Paris and last from the hiking trip (Tammy wrote the captions for the hiking trip as her form of a blog’ of that part of our trip).

I also got the data downloaded from my GPS and put up maps of each day of our hikes. I put them inline in the blog posts so you can see where we were hiking on the map.


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