June 19, 2004


Tammy and I went and played paintball today. It was pretty fun. Neither of us had done this before. Tammy actually brought the flag home for the victory in two different games. We played about 7 or 8 games throughout the day. My first game I played defense and didn’t even fire a shot. That was no fun. I also learned on the other side that Rambo tactics only work in the movies. Running and jumping over barriers with two guns blazing is just a quick way to get yourself out of the game.

Paintballs do sting a bit when they hit, but no welts to speak of. Quite a bit of fun. We played at Combat Zone which is about 90 minutes out of the cities up by St. Croix State Park (we were just there last weekend. It was a really well ran place and the people who ran it were good folks.

Huge thanks to Kristina Mauersberger for coordinating and herding all the cats to actually get this setup! Check out a couple pictures from the day.

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