Napolean Dynamite

Tammy and I went to Napolean Dynamite this evening. I have to admit right off that this movie did not endear me in any way at all. I generally thought it was stupid, without any interesting characters and even the couple of laughs were minor at best. I’m sure my experience wasn’t helped by the fact that the theatre was crowded with young teenagers.

What is it with groups of young teenagers!? They all have cell phones. They take calls in the movie and yack on their phone right in the middle of everything. Grrr! Tammy turned and told the three particularly moronic girls behind us to “shut up and turn off your phone”. Didn’t do a lot of good though.

Anyway, the movie reminded me of the film equivalent of a Ween album. However, unlike Ween which I find a little interesting, Napolean Dynamite just went on, and on, and on… 90 minutes of meandering nothingness.

Tammy didn’t dislike this as much as I did. Aside from the teens in the theatre, she thought it was an OK movie. Seems the critics also side more with her than I. Your milage may vary.

| 2004 |