December 21, 2004

Mac Mouse Done Right

A little piece of heaven was waiting for me in my mailbox tonight. A few weeks ago I purchased an iMac G5 and it’s been a lot of fun. Apple has made an amazing machine, and finally the OS is good enough to stand on the same stage as the hardware. However, Apple’s stubborn attitude with it’s single button mouse is one of the few serious shortcomings of an otherwise great package.Thankfully a 3rd party has provided a solution, MacMice.

My new two button Mac mouse with scroll wheel and blue tooth capability showed up tonight. I whipped some batteries in it, the Mac instantly detected it and I was off to the races. The mouse feels just like the OEM Apple mouse. It has good heft and tracks well. It matches the style of the iMac however not as perfectly as the Apple one but very close. The mechanism is exactly the same under the covers pointing to Apple sending this to a 3rd party for their own mouse. The wheel is wonderful and the right-click works perfectly.

Apple should throw out their mouse and just start shipping with this thing. Go buy one.


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