September 11, 2004

Jesse James Century Ride

Today Tammy and I, along with John Murphy from my office rode the Jesse James Century ride. This is part of Northfields Defeat of Jesse James Days celebration. This is the 3rd year that I’ve done this ride, the 2nd year that John and I have ridden it together and the first time that Tammy has done a century ever!

Starting with firsts Tammy did her very first century today. Previous to this her longest ride was in the high 70s of miles but she can now add a century to her list of cycling accomplishments. She did a great job, set her pace and rode steadily through the entire thing.

John has a much more pleasant time than last year. He has dropped some weight and did more training this year than last and the results were obvious.

For myself, this is my last big training even before the Chequamegon Fat 40 this coming Saturday. Riding the century is a very different task than completing the Fat 40, but the psychological impact of just finishing a 100 mile ride is a real confidence booster going into the mountain bike race.

Here is the map of the route this year, it was modified from previous years. We rode clockwise around the map.


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