July 12, 2004

Getting Ready for France

Tammy and I dropped our bikes off at Erik’s Bike Shop tonight to get them packed in the Trico Iron Cases that I got on eBay what seems like forevere ago. I had also just gotten a tune-up on my bike and replaced the chain which led to the unfortunate issue of realizing my rear cogs were all worn out so my new chain was slipping (always take some test rides!). So, new cogset is going on and I’m taking the opportunity to go from a 12-23T like I usually ride to a more Alpe d’Huez friendly” 12-27T. I think I’ll be very thankful for those four additional teeth when suffering up the climbs.

Will pick the bikes up on Thursday. Rest of packing will be happening soon. Need to download French and Swiss maps to my eTrex Vista GPS (yes, I will be posting some GPS data as well — I can’t help myself). Fly out on Saturday!

I also got one of my books to read during the trip. Amazon delivered Heft on Wheels today by Mike Magnuson. Looks like fun reading, and probably some stuff I can relate to.

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