December 31, 2004

Fargo Redux

We had a nice stay in Fargo however it is far from being the vacation get away that you may want to visit on a regular basis. I gushed long enough about the hotel in my previous posting, so I wont go on about that any further. Tammy and I divided our two days in Fargo into a suburban day followed by a downtown day.

The first day we drove out to the West Acres Mall, it was absolutely packed. We met my mother and a friend of the family for lunch at a Taste of India, which was fabulous. I asked the owner if it was connected to the one in St. Louis Park and it is not but they know each other. Sadly this one is going out of business. Apparently their business has been poor since 9/11. None of us could figure that out. People, it’s Indian food! Anyway, we explored the suburban areas some more. Had a trip down memory lane with dinner at Happy Joes and spent the evening crawling a Barnes & Noble for books.

The next day, our last, we ditched the car and saw downtown Fargo by foot. They are working on revitalizing their downtown like so many cities and it is working, but it is still a work in progress. We had lunch at a mexican restuarant where Tammy and I were both lured into the taco bar. What were we thinking? The regular food I’m sure would have been better, if only warmer! We visited the Plains Art Museum and then kicked back in Babb’s coffee shop which seems to be the most happening place in downtown Fargo. It had a line both times we went there. I got an extremely tight (read, short) haircut at a local barber and we saw a matinee showing of The Machinist at the Fargo Theatre which shows independent films. After a full day we got dinner at the HoDo Restuarant in the hotel and returned to our room.

It was a nice relaxing two days. I think Fargo would be better for recreation in the summer though.


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