July 14, 2004

Chequamegon Fat 40 — I’m in!

Way back in February I submitted my entry for the Chequamegon Fat Tire race. I’ve done the Fat 40” for the last three years and it’s always a great time. Of course, while I’m slogging myself across the 42 miles (there are 2 more miles at the end just to slap you around a little bit) I don’t always think it is so much fun.

The Fat 40 is limited to 1,700 riders (there is a shorter 12 mile race that comprises another 800 entrants but I’ve never applied for that one). This year I received the wrong notice back — the one telling me I did not get selected in the drawing! See, over 3,000 people applied and there is a lottery. I was not one of the lucky ones.

There was only one more option. They have an essay contest 50 Ways to Ride the Chequamegon”. I entered it months ago and have been waiting, and waiting. I just got my letter today telling me…

…your essay was selected as a winner in this year’s contest.

Yes! Now I get to suffer with everyone else. I also get to suffer with my brother-in-law who I convinced to enter for the first time ever (he of course got selected in the lottery right off).

Time to start training! Eek!

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