June 5, 2004

Apple Duathlon!

I’m exhausted!

Tammy and I completed our very first multi-sport event. We did the Apple Duathlon in Sartell, MN today. A duathlon for those of you that are not aware is one less than a triathlon (imagine that!). It only involves running and cycling. However, to keep it interesting you still do three sessions which are typically a run, then bike, then run again. This duathlon was a 5k run followed by a 20 mile cycle finished with another 5k run.

I’ve done plenty of running races before. I’ve also done my share of cycling races. But putting them together with the transition area and such was very new. The duathlon was extremely well run and if you are interested in these kind of events I highly recommend it. The staff did a great job. The race hosted everyone from elite male/female racers to two gentlemen over 70! They even had an Athena/Clydesdale division - I raced in the Clydesdale division. These divisions are for bigger people. Athena is for women over 150 pounds and Clydesdale is for men over 200 pounds. I’ve always wanted to do a race with a Clydesdale division so that was fun. The race is USAT certified and is the longest running multi-sport event in Minnesota. It was also fun to get marked up triathlon style. There is no guessing about ages at these events — it’s in marker right on your leg!

The race took off in 6 waves, separated by 3 minutes. The elite athletes went first of course. Tammy went in wave 5 and I left in wave 6. I started three minutes behind her on the road.

Tammy set a new personal best on the first 5k. I came in a minute after her. Tammy has developed really good running form and I’m finding it hard to keep her pace. I hope to remedy that shortly. :-) On the bike I made up the gap and actually caught up and passed her, taking the 3 minute start lead she had away.

The transition from the first 5k to the cycling wasn’t too bad. Tammy and I both felt pretty strong. However, after pedaling for an hour at an all out pace (my average speed was just under 20 miles, and that was with some hills) my quads were absolutely killing me. I can’t quite explain the sensation of getting off the bike and then starting another 5k. A lot of interesting thoughts went through my head. I actually at one point on the cycling leg, when my legs were really hurting, thought it would be really nice if I could just have a flat right then. My wish wasn’t answered.

I about died on that last 5k, my time was horrible and I gave all the time that I had gained on Tammy back to her. (No, we aren’t competitive at all.) I ended up barely finishing ahead by about 20 seconds. Feel free to check out the complete race results.

We both had a good time (sick, I know) and I doubt this will be our last multi-sport event. Tammy absolutely loved it and is already making plans to come back next year!

Couple photos from before the race are here.

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